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Navigate Widowhood with Your Heart, Soul, and Finances Intact

An 8-week course guiding you towards sound financial decisions through widowhood, helping you build confidence, and reduce worry no matter where you are in your journey.

You’ve entered the club you never wanted to join, widowhood. Now what?

Donna Kendrick author a guide to widowhood and certified financial planner professional

You may feel like the world is spinning, not sure what will come next. It’s hard to make important decision when the one you always made them with is no longer here. 


I was in that exact space 10 years ago. I lost my husband of 13 years. I was 40 year's old and everything felt out of control. It wasn't easy. And that's why I want you to have the resources I wish I had.


I want to help you navigate widowhood, no matter where you are in your journey, with your heart, soul, and finances intact.

Reading Glasses on Book

Donna's roadmap is a proven and easy to follow path that will help any woman rise from financial overwhelm to true empowerment.

Sara Connell

Sara Connell Coaching

What can you expect to find inside?

Gain financial clarity, build confidence, and reduce worry

Over the course of 8-weeks you will take the steps to building your confidence, gain financial clarity and reduce worry so you can make decisions that are right for you and your family.


Learn to take control of the unique financial situations that face us in widowhood like; what documents should you gather? How to get organized? Should you sell your home or stay? Should you change careers? How should you handle your new normal including income and expenses?

Go from this...

  • Confusion and Fog

  • Financial Worry

  • Second Guessing Your Decisions

  • Feeling Lost and Alone

To feeling...

  • Clear On an Action Plan

  • Financial Clarity

  • Confident in Your Decisions

  • Supported by Gaining a Community

"I recently had the pleasure of hearing Donna speak at a conference I attended, and it profoundly impacted me. The professional content she shared appealed to my practical side, and the personal storytelling touched my heart. I appreciate the way she uses her voice to amplify an important topic that is too often hushed by society."

There are few individuals who have the courage and brilliance to lift people up. In her book and now course, Donna shares the story of suddenly losing her husband and becoming a single mother to three children, feeling unprepared to navigate her family's financial future to her inspiring triumph and the birth of her movement to help other women transform their financial destiny after loss. Widow Wisdom is to women navigating loss what Brene Brown's Daring Greatly is to leaders. A must do!

My life has been permeated with grief for a few years, and I had been trying to process on my own but struggling. As a lifelong learner, I always seek more. I signed up and dove into the process. What I loved about the space that Donna created is that no matter what we as participants brought, she affirmed it. Donna Kendrick's amazingly generous guidance through has helped me close that chapter. I can't wait to grow into the next! 

What's Inside the 8-week course:


An introduction and backstory:  Share our stories and what brings us to the group. We will review your goals and you will have access to a financial virtues survey.


Get organized: First we will review your financial virtues survey results. We will dive into your immediate, transitional, and long-term goals. Discuss what to gather in order to get organized.


Understanding finances: We will discuss financial vocabulary and learn to better understand your credit. 


A deeper understanding of finance: Let's talk about cashflow, net worth, and establishing your financial goals. 


Be proactive: Learn about protection planning and estate documents. 


Taking control: Getting your financial house in order. 


Should I stay or should I go?: Questions to consider if planning to sell your home, or change careers now that you are in this new chapter. Learn how to best make those big decisions through grief.


Your action plan: Let's create your action plan, the next steps for your now and your future. Learn how to best communicate that with family and friends and creating your family love letter. 

Virtual Team Meeting


Navigate Widowhood with Your Heart Soul and Finances Intact

Start to feel clarity in 8-weeks with this guided course. Learn to make sound financial decisions through widowhood, helping you build confidence, and reduce worry no matter where you are in your journey.





  • 8-Week Self-Guided Video Course

  • Free Copy of the Book A Guide to Widowhood

  • Dozens of Helpful Resources

  • 1:1 Session with Donna

  • Personalized Action Plan

Find financial clarity

Feel confident in your decisions

Gain a community


I know the pain, I know the fog.

Donna Kendrick author a guide to widowhood and certified financial planner professional

I know the need to crawl and scratch until you can get control of your own life. Because everything feels like it's swirling. I know because in 2013, at age 40, I lost my husband of 13 years, Gregory. The loss was sudden, he had taken his own life. 

Although I was educated, smart, organized, and financially savvy, I was emotionally crushed. I spent the next few years pulling myself together and raising my children who were 8, 11, and 12 at the time.  Once I learned I could handle the centripetal force of life, I took a deep breath…literally… and in a breath decided to recreate my career and make sure that I could help men and women in widowhood make the right financial decisions and feel empowered, smart and in control. This is my why! 

I want you to have the resources I wish I had had to navigate widowhood and to help ease the uncertainty of your financial security after the loss of a spouse. This course is your financial roadmap to survive widowhood with your heart, soul and finances intact. My heart is with you, I’m here to guide you. 

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