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Donna Kendrick author a guide to widowhood and certified financial planner
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The Back Story

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Donna graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s in Management Science and Information Systems/Quantitative Business Analysis and achieved her master’s from Eastern University.  Donna’s career began in business management over 20 years ago and she has lived and worked internationally for several years returning stateside in 2011.  

In 2013, Donna’s husband passed away unexpectedly, and she found herself suddenly navigating widowhood.

After an initial period of getting things settled with her kids and their new life, she made the decision to relaunch her career and get into the role that she had found so impactful during that time of transition for her family, financial planning.  She went back to school to take the coursework to become a CFP® practitioner and then entered the field so she could provide the advice and support to families in transition.

Donna is now an author of th e#1 Amazon Best Seller A Guide to Widowhood Navigating the First Three Years, a speaker, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and focuses her practice on financial planning for families in transition, the unique planning needs of those whose tomorrow is much different than their today.  Donna follows her passion for helping people prepare their futures and helps them navigate the sudden changes life puts forward. 

Donna is an avid long-distance runner who turns her passion into an ability to raise funds for local causes.  Donna and her running group, Team Kendrick, have helped raise donations for Safe Harbor, a grief counseling program that provides free of charge services to children after the loss of a parent, sibling, or caregiver.  Donna married her husband Jim in 2022 and between them, they have six children, Connor, Katie, James, Jeanie, Delaney, and Seamus. Together with their Newfoundland and English bulldog, they enjoy living in Jenkintown, PA.


Donna's Vision

My vision is to help people have a life well lived where they can savor every moment, even in the midst of change and uncertainty. To reach this, I guide my clients toward financial confidence, giving them the freedom of choice. As I serve the families and individuals who walk through my door, and strive to be a passionate and supportive lifeline for them in whatever they are going through. Honesty and generosity directs and fuels me in my mission, putting people first and prioritizing our relationships.

"I took a deep breath… Literally. 
And in a breath decided to recreate my career and make sure that I could help men and women in widowhood make better financial decisions."

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