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Donna Kendrick


Donna Kendrick Author A Guide to Widowhood and Certified Financial Planner and Speaker
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Donna Denrick on Grief and Rebirth Podcast Finding the Joy in Life

Grief and Finances with Emily Thiroux Threatt | February 2023


  • Donna’s transformative journey as she learned to stand on her own two feet.

  • How the Grief Recovery method helped Donna to heal her huge heartbreak.

  • Why it is important for a widowed, grieving person to get support from professionals for those most difficult moments and decisions.

  • The journey of forgiveness Donna experienced during the third year after Greg transitioned.

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Donna Kendrick Guest on the Rabbi's Widow wtih Joelle Eckstein

The Rabbi's Widow 

With Joelle Eckstein | December 2022

Life After Loss

My guest today is Donna Kendrick. Donna is a certified financial planner, certified divorce financial analyst and founder of Septon Financial.

An important part of widowhood is figuring out our finances. How do we know what we can afford? How long will our savings take us? How can we even plan when we don't know what we are going to need?

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Donna KEndrick Guest on Widow 180 Sharing wisdom on widowhood and wealth interview

Widow 180 The Podcast with Jen Zwinck

Donna Kendrick will never forget the "Omgosh, what just happened?!" moment when she discovered her husband Greg had passed away suddenly in 2013. Donna found herself navigating the confusing world of finances post-loss, and then also felt a calling when she realized that she wanted to change careers to become a certified financial planner for others whose lives are in transition. 

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Donna Kendrick Guest on Grief and Happiness Podcast with Emily Thirouw Threatt

Grief and Finances with Emily Thiroux Threatt | February 2023

Throughout this episode, Donna shares her experience with grief and how having a financial advisor helped her regain control. You’ll learn the importance of keeping your important documents and details organized. Additionally, you’ll learn why it's important to include the community when making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

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Good Grief 

with Cheryl Jones | December 2022

Safe Harbor

Although Donna Kendrick had planned for the future of her family, she was completely unprepared for her new role as sole planner when her husband suddenly took his own life. Wading through the decisions she needed to make right away and the ones that took years to navigate, she realized that for widows and widowers who had no experience, the task might be insurmountable! 

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Donna Kendrick Guest on Grief Gratitude and the Gray in Betweek Podcast

Grief, Gratitude & The Gray in Between

with Kendra Rinaldi | December 2022

Navigating Finances During Widowhood

Donna Kendrick will never forget that “Omgosh, what just happened?!?!” moment when she discovered her husband Greg passed away suddenly in November 2013. Donna has made it her life’s work to help other widows and widowers navigate their own financial decisions in the first days, weeks and months of widowhood... and the years to follow.

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Donna Kendrick Guest on the Sharon Fitzmaurice Podcast Life After Loss Episode 77

The Sharon Fitzmaurice Podcast 

November 2022

Life After Loss

During her time grieving, Donna had to take control of her family's finances in order to keep life consistent for her and her kids. As a result, Donna found a new passion and has made it her life's work to help other widows and widowers navigate the first days, weeks and months of widowhood. We talk about how a sudden passing affects you personally, your children and how community support is so important in the days that follow.

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"[A] beautiful guest to have on my podcast, I loved Donna's energy, her authenticity and honesty."

Sharon Fitzmaurice

Watch the interviews

Grief and Rebirth

with Irene Weinberg | July 2023

Donna joins Irene Weinberg on her podcast Grief and Rebirth Finding the Joy in Life.

Watch the full episode here

The Book Chat Live Show

with Tim Lewis | January 2023

Donna joins Tim Lewis on The Book Chat Live Show a live broadcast on

Watch the full episode here


With Meg Hanington & Genevieve E. Thayer

GetReal with Donna Kendrick

Join Co-Hosts Meg Hanington and Genevieve E. Thayer of GetReal! with their guest Donna Kendrick of Sephton Financial. Donna’s journey of becoming a financial advisor wasn’t linear, she initially began her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn how her personal experiences led her to build a thriving financial advisory practice serving primarily female clients.

Purse Strings

With Maggie Nelson | Aug 2022

Second Marriages + Money

Donna Kendrick Financial Services Professional at Sephton Financial, LLC. specializes in helping families in transition. She’s going to talk to us about how to partner and combine robust financial histories with your second spouse while creating a respectful and helpful dialogue around money as you design your second chance together.

Self Discovery Orchard of Wisdom Podcasts

With Sara Troy | July 2021

Families Transitional Clarity

Our vision is to help people have a life well lived where they can savor every moment, even in the midst of change and uncertainty. To reach this, we guide our clients toward financial confidence, giving them the freedom of choice. As we serve the families and individuals who walk through our doors, we strive to be a passionate and supportive lifeline for them in whatever they are going through. Honesty and generosity direct and fuel us in our mission, putting people first and prioritizing our relationships.

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Your First Year What I wish I'd Known with Contributing Author Donna Kendrick Entrepreneurial Wisdom from women to women

Your First Year: What I Wish I’d Known: Lessons from Women Entrepreneurs for Women Entrepreneurs

Donna Kendrick | Contributing Author

Here’s the truth: there is no one “right way,” and you will make mistakes. But that’s part of growing.

The generous and hard-won wisdom shared in this book won’t be a cure-all, but it will reassure you that following your internal GPS is just as (or maybe more) important as getting advice. From legally setting up your business to keeping clean bookkeeping records and effective marketing strategies through thriving through major health and life crises, this book will be your “go-to” guide as you step fully into a CEO role.

The women authors in this book want you to succeed. They’re cheering you on as you make an impact in YOUR FIRST YEAR…and beyond!

Get your copy

More from Donna

Widow, Wisdom & Wealth™

A podcast where on each episode I aim to remove the intimidation from financial planning, so your family can handle any transition that comes its way.


Sephton Financial

I help families in transition get clarity and develop a plan that connects their future goals with their day-to-day life so that they can move forward.

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On the Widow and Wisdom™ YouTube channel expect to see videos that will help you take control of your finances as you create your new tomorrow.


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