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A guide to widowhood navigating the first three years Amazon best seller


A Guide to Widowhood


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Clarity for Moving Forward

I'll show you how to navigate widowhood with your heart, soul and finances intact. Get instant access to free resources and webinar to show you how to use them!

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"I took a deep breath… Literally. 
And in a breath decided to recreate my career and make sure that I could help men and women in widowhood make better financial decisions."



I know the pain, I know the fog...

I know the need to crawl and scratch until you can get control of your own life. Because everything feels like it's swirling. I know because in 2013, at age 40, I lost my husband of 13 years, Gregory. The loss was sudden, he had taken his own life. 

Although I was educated, smart, organized, and financially savvy, I was emotionally crushed. I spent the next few years pulling myself together and raising my children who were 8, 11, and 12 at the time.  Once I learned I could handle the centripetal force of life, I took a deep breath…literally… and in a breath decided to recreate my career and make sure that I could help men and women in widowhood make the right financial decisions and feel empowered, smart and in control. This is my why! 

I want you to have the resources I wish I had had to navigate widowhood and to help ease the uncertainty of your financial security after the loss of a spouse. This is your financial roadmap to survive the first three years of widowhood with your heart, soul and finances intact. My heart is with you.

A guide to Widowhood by Donna Kendrick Financial Resource for widows
The Book
Donna Kendrick author and financial planner a guide to widowhood


Donna Kendrick

Donna Kendrick is from Philadelphia, PA, and the daughter of a Philly firefighter. She is the owner of Sephton Financial where she works as a financial professional helping families in transition. Her practice was created as a result of her own journey into widowhood at the age of 40. Her practice was created for the person whose tomorrow is very different from their today, whether it be through widowhood, divorce, or a career change. Her practice is here to help you figure out your new tomorrow.

Donna is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and holds the Series 7, 66, and PA Accident and Health, Life and Fixed Annuities. Donna is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Professional. 

Donna is married to Jim and between them, they have six children, Connor, Katie, James, Jeanie, Delaney, and Seamus. Together with their Newfoundland and English bulldog, they enjoy living in the community of Springfield Township, Wyndmoor, PA.

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Additional Resources

Widow, Wisdom & Wealth™

A podcast where on each episode I aim to remove the intimidation from financial planning, so your family can handle any transition that comes its way.


Sephton Financial

I help families in transition get clarity and develop a plan that connects their future goals with their day-to-day life so that they can move forward.

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On the Widow and Wisdom™ YouTube channel expect to see videos that will help you take control of your finances as you create your new tomorrow.


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